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Simple and Powerful Money Saving App

iBudgetix a brilliant personal finances application, an easy and convenient way to save money, keep track of your income and expenses from your smartphone, tablet or web browser safely anywhere and anytime.

Easy to understand

Keep a record of your income and expenses, plan your future movements and analyze your spending habits to optimize your cash flow, so you can increase your ability to save some money.

Easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs give you a comprehensive understanding of your spending habits and your money's performance, making it really useful for personal finances.

  • Spending trends
  • Spending locations
  • Photo Receipts
  • Bill Reminders
  • Voice commands
  • Amazing features

Voice Commands

You can use voice commands to control your personal finances. Voice commands are a quick and easy way to enter your expenses or income, so you will never lose any transaction. When you enable voice commands and spoken notifications, you can interact with iBudgetix in a new and interesting way.

Income or expense receipts

Capture receipts with your smartphone, take a photo of your receipt and forget to lose it, centralize all your receipts and always have them on hand for any future clarification

Income or expense locations

Activate your GPS to track the locations of your expenses or income. Learn from your own history, iBudgetix can track all your income and expenses that come each month, so you can analyze your habits and learn to spend on things that really matter.

Custom spending limits

Set your own spending limit by category, sometimes it’s hard to know when you’ve went over the line. Set yourself a category budget to keep an eye on your spending, you’ll be saving money when the end of the month approaches. A budget is only an estimate of expenses over a period. It helps determine how much money is still available when the monthly spending limit is close.

Custom savings goals

Setting your own savings goals will help you start saving money. So, if you really want to get that deposit for your new home, or save enough for a dream vacation, just name your goal, determine how much you can save each month and start saving. Then sit down and watch your money begin to grow.

Monthly planner

Stay on top of your finances with a monthly plan, the monthly calendar clearly shows when and how much you spent or received income. You can select the month and you can compare the previous or planned transactions. It is also your first step to achieving healthy financial goals ,this gives you an advantage to achieve healthy personal financing. With an monthly plan, you'll be prepared to find the money you need to get through next month.

Bill reminders

Never forget to pay a bill again, iBudgetix provides you with a simple way to set reminder notifications to ensure invoices are always paid on time. Reminders will keep you informed to avoid any additional payment fee.

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